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Bactivate BioBoost (coal based humic/carbon for soil repair)
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Bactivate BioBoost (coal based humic/carbon for soil repair) Bactivate BioBoost (coal based humic/carbon for soil repair)

Bactivate BioBoost (coal based humic/carbon for soil repair)

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Bactivate BioBoost is an activated humic-rich soil conditioner that provides carbon and beneficial organic matter to the soil.

Applying Bactivate BioBoost will result in an improved soil structure, increased water-holding capacity, reduced compaction, improved aeration and an increase in organic matter wherever it is applied.

Its application will:
• ‘unlock’ or free key nutrients that are present in the soil that would otherwise not be available to the plant,
• help soils by returning them to a balanced state - using our advanced humic technology, soils potentially improve in as little as two weeks,
• help to agglomerate soil particles, creating more space in the soil, moderating soil temperature, and increasing the holding capacity of both water and oxygen,
• increase the energy in the soil , and its ability to hold on to nutrient loads (the cation exchange capacity) which has significant positive impact on amino acids, proteins, enzymes, tissues and cell structure,
• reduce the requirement for irrigation as a result of improved aeration of the soil due to agglomerated soil particles,
• increase the moisture retention of soil; and, of critical importance, it stimulates bacteria growth, increasing the energy around the root mass.

Bactivate BioBoost is derived from 100% natural sources and is safe and non-toxic, for use in all turf, garden and commercial agricultural applications.

However, it is not a fertiliser or a fertiliser replacement - it is a soil conditioner to be used in conjunction with a fertiliser program.

Also sold in 200L and 1000L - Please contact for pricing

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