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10L Bactivate BioBoost Plus - turfmate
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10L Bactivate BioBoost Plus - turfmate 10L Bactivate BioBoost Plus - turfmate

10L Bactivate BioBoost Plus

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Bactivate BioBoost+ is an organic biostimulant derived from a blend of molasses that has been processed to improve its efficacy then enriched with calcium.

Bactivate BioBoost+:

  • replenishes much needed nutrients in the soil;
  • feeds plant root development stimulating plant growth;
  • binds the soil, reducing soil erosion; and
  • is hydrophilic, readily absorbing moisture.

A recognised bio-stimulant of plant growth is the salts in levulinic acid, which is a key ingredient in Bactivate BioBoost+.

Research shows that humic substances are also effective bio-stimulants. They maintain soil stability and increase the water holding capacity of soil; they also act as a cation exchange system, improving soil content and fertility.

Bactivate BioBoost+ primarily contains salts of carbonic acids such as saccharinic, aldonic and formic acids, which function as fertilisers and stimulate root development. The hydroscopic properties of the carbonic acid salts in Bactivate BioBoost+ increase water absorption and retention as well as encourage the biological life of the soil and the production of beneficial bacteria. In turn this allows bacteria to produce substantial amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), which expands within the soil, breaking down clods and improving soil structure. By stimulating the microbial processes in the soil, it aids in the decomposition of organic materials, which allow nutrients to be released back into the soil. This process allows the soil to be better aerated and receptive to supporting plant growth, sub sequentially improving water percolation, drainage and vitality within the soil.

The salts of saccharinic acids also prove to have binding properties. When Bactivate BioBoost+ is sprayed on top of the soil, a soil layer is formed by binding soil particles together, protecting it against wind erosion.

The benefits of Bactivate BioBoost+ extend beyond the soil. As an organic bio-stimulant it is very effective when used on the foliage of growing plants. When applied at certain stages of plant development, the micronutrients are found to significantly improve growth and health by increasing photosynthesis and the plants ability to metabolise carbohydrates, proteins and other growth compounds contained in the leaves and transfers them back to the root system.

From here these compounds move out into the rhizosphere (the area surrounding the root filaments), feeding bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa, which in turn can produce beneficial enzymes, organics acids, antibiotics, growth hormones and other nutrients. These growth stimulants are then re-absorbed by the roots and transported back through the plants’ circulatory systems, producing healthier plants.


Bactivate BioBoost+ is not a generic plant food or agricultural chemical.

The application method and rate will depend on the crop and soil, which need to be inspected prior to a recommendation being made. A protocol for the application of Bactivate BioBoost+ will often involve other aspects, such as biosecurity measures and the use of other products in the Bactivate family in conjunction with Bactivate BioBoost+ itself.

1L per Acre/2.5L per Hectare

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