1kg Defender Snail & Slug Pellets

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An effective and economical snail and slug killer.

The active ingredient in Snail & Slug Pellets is 15g/kg metaldehyde. The pellets also contain a bitter tasting ingredient to make them unattractive to children and pets.
The best way to use snail pellets is to scatter lightly and often.

Effective Against:
● Snails
● Slugs

When to use?
● May be used at any time of the year, but especially in spring and early summer to reduce snail and slug populations when they are most active.
● Re-apply after rain and heavy dew.

Why Snail & Slug Pellets are so useful?
With a bran base that attracts the snails and slugs and metaldehyde to kill them, this is a tried-and-true, inexpensive way to solve your snail and slug problem.

How to use?
Sprinkle lightly on the surface of the soil surrounding susceptible plants such as seedlings, vegetables, herbs and soft shrubs. Apply every few days. Do not heap the pellets as this is less effective and also increases the risk of domestic pets eating them. Use a bait trap if concerned about pets and children

The pellets are dangerous if pets consume enough of them. If a pet has eaten snail pellets, seek urgent veterinary attention.

Poisoning most often occurs when a hungry pet, mistaking the pellets for pet food, knocks down a packet and wolfs down the contents.

Pets and wildlife are not at risk from consuming snails that have already been killed by the snail pellets, because the product will have been metabolised and rendered harmless in the snail or slug gut.




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