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1kg Osmocote® Plus Trace Elements - Total All Purpose - turfmate
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1kg Osmocote® Plus Trace Elements - Total All Purpose

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A no-fuss general purpose controlled release plant food.

Use it throughout the garden to promote healthy growth, beautiful flowers and generous fruiting. It contains a wetting agent to improve moisture penetration into soils and potting mixes.

DO NOT USE on extremely phosphorus-sensitive plants. Instead, use Osmocote® Native Gardens.

Total All Purpose has an NPK of 19.4 : 1.6 : 5 and contains boosted trace elements

Suitable for:
● Trees & shrubs
● Flowering plants & bulbs
● Vegetables & herbs
● Fruit trees
● Most native plants except phosphorus-sensitive
● Foliage plants
● Potted plants, including indoor plants
● Palms

When to use?
An application of Total All Purpose lasts for 12 months. It is best applied at the beginning of spring and can be applied again in autumn.

How Total All Purpose works?
This controlled release fertiliser contains all the nutrients needed for healthy plant growth. The nutrients are released according to temperature - more when it's warm and plants are growing well, less when it's cold.

The addition of a professional grade wetting agent enhances water absorption into the soil and helps plants take up more nutrients.

How to use?
Using the rate recommended on the container, sprinkle the Total All Purpose around the dripline and outwards. You can add Total All Purpose to potting mix and to soil at planting time.

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