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1L Solitaire - turfmate
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1L Solitaire - turfmate 1L Solitaire - turfmate

1L Solitaire

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Solitaire 240ME Fungicide is a targeted Pythium fungicide containing 240g/L of the active ingredient Metalaxyl-M.

Metalaxyl-M is also known as Mefanoxam in some countries. Solitaire Fungicide is specifically registered for the control of Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Rot and Damping Off in all turf management situations.

Key Features of Solitaire 240ME Fungicide

• Micro-Emulsion – turf specific formulation. Minimal odour, mixes completely with water and possesses excellent tank mix flexibility, improved ease of handling and enhanced shelf life
• Registered to control all forms of Pythium diseases that occur in Australia. Controls Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Rot and Seedling Damping Off
• Rapid movement into the plant. Can be taken up and be within the plant in as quickly as 30 minutes.
• Readily taken up by all green plant parts as well as roots. Can be taken into the plant even if the plant’s root system is damaged due to Pythium attack.
• Safe for use on young seedlings, particularly for control of seedling damping off situations.
• Excellent turf safety. Solitaire 240ME Fungicide can be used on all major turf species.
• Good residual activity. Can provide preventative control for up to 21 days.

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