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20L Bi-Agra - turfmate
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20L Bi-Agra - turfmate 20L Bi-Agra - turfmate 20L Bi-Agra - turfmate

20L Bi-Agra

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Bi-Agra is a new generation water retention aid specifically designed for broadacre use where watering-in is restricted.

Bi-Agra’s unique bi-active formula provides excellent penetration for applied water, outstanding retention of moisture in normally low water-retaining root zones and improved uniformity of hydration.

Application of Bi-Agra prolongs turf health and vigor, ensures efficient water use and reduced irrigation is required. Research has shown that turf treated with Bi-Agra can retain up to 5 times the normal amount of moisture held in the root zone at field capacity.

Watering-in immediately is not essential when label directions are followed, but is desirable. For sensitive situations it is a wise precaution to trial over a small area before large scale application.

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