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20L Dri-Gon - turfmate
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20L Dri-Gon - turfmate 20L Dri-Gon - turfmate 20L Dri-Gon - turfmate

20L Dri-Gon

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Dri-gon is a special purpose nonionic surfactant suitable for use in most situations where water repellency inhibits or prevents the growth of turf, gardens and horticultural crops.

If left untreated poor water penetration leads to weak root growth, poor nutrient uptake and low crop yields or death of sensitive plants and turf. Dri-gon provides rapid penetration of water to highly water repellent soils and continues to achieve deep penetration even as it dilutes while watering in.

Dri-gon is very long lasting and in some situations will continue to function for up 12 months. Use with herbicides and fertilizers in turf is not recommended as it may increase the phytotoxicity of those chemicals to sensitive varieties. It is a wise precaution to test all mixtures before committing to large scale use.

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