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20L FoliMAX Soil Prima - turfmate
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20L FoliMAX Soil Prima - turfmate 20L FoliMAX Soil Prima - turfmate

20L FoliMAX Soil Prima

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FoliMAX Soil Prima is a liquid soil conditioner that will improve soil aggregation, soil structure and nutrient utilisation in the root zone.

Soil Prima contains modified patented humates, which acts as a complexing agent for mobilising soil nutrients in forms which are readily available for plants.

Turf grasses have an abundance of organic material resulting in complex interactions between plant roots and soil microbes.

Soil Prima provides the energy source to accelerate microbes oxidising the available organic carbon present in the soil and utilise it as their energy source.

The recycling of thatch and mat creates a more friable layer that enables water to pass through more freely, and aids in flushing sulfur build ups. i.e. Black Layer.

FoliMAX Soil Prima will improve CEC levels in the soil.

As soil microbes breakdown the thatch, and Humic acid activity increases in the soil the availability of nutrients increases in all soil types.

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