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25kg Bactivate - turfmate
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25kg Bactivate - turfmate 25kg Bactivate - turfmate 25kg Bactivate - turfmate 25kg Bactivate - turfmate

25kg Bactivate

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Bactivate is a Microbial Soil Conditioner composed of 5 specific bacillus species (listed below) that enhance plant growth and protection.

A lack of technical information and the inability to identify exactly what biology is being applied, has to-date, limited most farmers appreciation and use of Microbial Soil Conditioners. This document highlights the role of beneficial micro-organisms in stimulating plant growth and protection and their use as bio-fertilisers and biological control agents to benefit unproductive and stressed environments.


A Microbial Soil Conditioner is a culture of beneficial micro-organisms (special bacteria and/or fungi) formulated with a suitable carrier material that helps soils improve their nutrient status and encourages proper plant growth and protection. These beneficial microorganisms can:

(1) Increase phosphorous uptake

(2) Make atmospheric nitrogen available and readily accessible to roots.

(3) Promote the growth of roots by releasing plant regulation substances, and

(4) Protect the roots from pathogenic micro-organisms and create a healthy environment for outstanding plant growth and performance. 

Agriculture’s frequent practices such as tillage and site preparation can reduce the population of beneficial micro-organisms, which are one of the most important components of the soil as they carry out many important processes vital for soil fertility and health. Their re-introduction using a Microbial Soil Conditioner in areas where they have been reduced will put life back into the soil, greatly improving soil quality, and therefore improving plant’s health and growth vigour.

A Microbial Soil Conditioner acts as a natural biocataliser by assuring a quick colonization of the rhizosphere and root mass with beneficial micro-organisms that will re-establish a healthy soil and allow plants to thrive.

A healthy rhizosphere (root zone), dominated by beneficial micro-organisms is the perfect natural environment for plant growth. Farmers can create real economic benefits by applying this biotechnology to their own farm soils.

By identifying exactly which organisms and correct application rates, you can maximize beneficial outcomes while limiting adverse effects of normal farming practices over both the short and long term.

250kg per Ha is the recommended rate
1 x 25kg bag will cover 1000m2

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