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25kg Bactivate
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25kg Bactivate 25kg Bactivate - turfmate 25kg Bactivate - turfmate

25kg Bactivate

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Bactivate Granules are a unique microbial soil conditioner containing 5 species of bacillus bacteria on a carbon-rich substrate.

Bactivate Granules can be applied to all horticultural and agricultural crops. They contain specific antagonistic strains of bacillus bacteria, each of which has a specific function in biology.

When active, these functions can facilitate a reduction in the need for chemicals and chemical fertilisers, improve the crop’s immune function, improve the soil structure, increase yields and all whilst improving overall crop quality.

Benefits of Bactivate Granules include:
• improved nutrient uptake leading to a reduction in fertiliser requirement,
• solubilisation of soil bound phosphorous and potassium making it available for the crop/plant to use
• conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into plant available forms,
• strengthened immune structure of the plant/crop providing better pest and disease resistance
• offsets damage and aids in the recovery from environmental factors such as drought, heat, frost and wind
• regulation of soil pH at the root zone for optimal crop/plant performance,
• rapidly decomposes organic matter in the soil
• naturally improves crop/plant growth rates,
• Sequesters heavy metals, pesticide and herbicide residuals in soil
• Aids the crop/plant to suppress soil pathogen attack.

Bactivate Granules contain a unique selection of bacillus bacteria in an ‘antagonistic’ form and contain bacillus thuringiensis, a naturally occurring bacteria that is toxic to some pests and nematodes. Bacteria are on a peat prill that adds organic matter to the soil.

Bactivate Granules have a long-shelf life of up to 3 years in the bag (covered, dry and out of direct sunlight) and can be broadcast through standard farm spreading equipment.

For best results, Bactivate Granules should be used in conjunction with Bactivate BioBoost Enhance and Bactivate Seaweed which will feed the bacteria and further improve the soil structure.

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