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4kg Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent - turfmate
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4kg Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent - turfmate 4kg Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent - turfmate

4kg Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent

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Lawn Builder™ + Wetting Agent is a slow release granular lawn fertiliser with added professional grade wetting agent that helps water penetrate the soil and be absorbed, and also enhances fertiliser uptake.

Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent has an NPK of 21.6 : 1.1 : 4.1 and contains 4.2% iron & 0.92% sulphur
Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent also helps prevent water-logging.

● Do not use Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent on lawns less than 8 weeks old.
● For new lawns use Lawn Builder New Lawns & Repairs instead.
● Do not apply when the temperature is expected to exceed 30 degrees. 
● Sweep Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent granules off paths and paving to avoid iron staining

Why Lawn Builder & Wetting Agent works so well?
This fertiliser contains a professional grade wetting agent that helps water and nutrients penetrate deeply into the soil, so promoting deep root growth. This helps lawns to be more drought tolerant. 

Scotts patented time-release nutrients are released at about the same rate that grass roots can take the fertiliser up so there is no wastage, run-off to waterways or damaging surge growth. Iron provides a quick initial green-up.

How to use?
Calculate and measure out the amount needed to fertilise the lawn (18g per m2.) Using a turfmate spreader is strongly recommended.  No need to water in immediately, but do so if possible. It is fine to apply it and wait for the next watering day or rainfall. Grass will green up within one week of receiving moisture.

When to use?
Apply Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent in early spring, early summer and again in autumn. It is particularly useful in areas experiencing prolonged dry periods.

DO NOT use on garden beds.

Suitable for?
All types of lawn grass including Buffalo, Santa Ana Couch, carpet grass, Kikuyu and lawn substitutes.

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