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500g Eco Rose - turfmate
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500g Eco Rose - turfmate 500g Eco Rose - turfmate

500g Eco Rose

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Eco-rose is a registered organic fungicide for the control of black spot, powdery mildew and rust.

It attacks existing fungal infections killing the external fungal growth in minutes. It also leaves a clear protective coating on foliage that prevents new spores from germinating. eco-rose is safe for beneficial insects like bees and ladybeetles.

eco-rose is a contact spray and requires good coverage for the best results. We recommend you add some eco-oil (2ml per litre) into the mix as this helps the solution stick and spread evenly over foliage.

You can also create a 2-in-1 organic insecticide and fungicide by adding eco-oil at it’s regular strength (5-10ml per litre) to the eco-rose solution. This is particularly useful to control common pest and diseases in one spray rather than separate sprays.

● Rapidly kills external fungal growth and spores
● Effective on roses and other plants including fruits and vegetables
● Economical rate (3-4gm per litre)
● No withholding period if used on edibles
● Safe for beneficial insects and soil microbes
● Registered Organic (Australian Organic)

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