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750ml Defender™ MaxGuard® Systemic, Contact & Residual Insecticide - turfmate
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750ml Defender™ MaxGuard® Systemic, Contact & Residual Insecticide

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An insect spray with long residual effects.

It kills a range of insects, including a number of hard-to-kill pests, on ornamental plants.

Effective against:
● Aphids
● Azaleas Lace Bugs
● Whiteflies
● Mealy Bugs
● Leafhoppers
● Thrips
● Scale
● Lillypilly psyllids

The active ingredient is 0.05g/L acetamiprid, a powerful insecticide that is very effective at extremely low concentrations.
● MaxGuard is safe to use both indoors and outdoors.
● It is not a scheduled poison but should not be used on food plants.

When to use?
Use when insect pests are active. Avoid applying when it is very hot or windy.

Why MaxGuard works so well?
The spray works in three ways:
It kills insects on contact
● It has a long residual effect
● It is systemic - it is absorbed into plants and will kill insects that feed on them. It is also a low toxicity product that has little effect on many beneficial insects.

How to use?
Turn the nozzle to the ON position. (in case of the one touch battery sprayer, turn nozzle to desired spray pattern). Spray the foliage and stems on both the top and undersides, being sure to spray deeply into the foliage where pests like mealy bugs hide.

Do not use on food plants.

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