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750ml Defender Pyrethrum Insect Spray - turfmate
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750ml Defender Pyrethrum Insect Spray - turfmate 750ml Defender Pyrethrum Insect Spray - turfmate

750ml Defender Pyrethrum Insect Spray

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A ready-to-use, low-toxicity, garden insect spray that can be safely used on vegetables, herbs and fruits as well as ornamental plants.

Pyrethrum is very effective against ants but ants often do little damage to plants.
Ants eat the honeydew exuded by sap-sucking insects such as aphids and scale, so targeting the sap-suckers will usually get rid of the ants.

The active ingredient is 0.3g/L pyrethrins
This spray also contains piperonyl butoxide that stabilises the pyrethrum and enhances its effectiveness.

Effective against:
● Aphids
● Caterpillars
● Whiteflies
● Thrips
● Ants
● Leafhoppers
● Budworm
● Other soft-bodied pests

When to use?
Use at any time of the year but not when the weather is hot and/or windy. Spray lightly and often until pests are under control.

Why Pyrethrum Insect Spray is so useful?
Based on the natural extract of pyrethrum daisies grown in Tasmania, this low toxicity spray kills insects effectively while not entering the food chain or accumulating in the environment. It is safe to use on all ornamental and food plants.

Wait one day after spraying on vegetables, herbs or fruits before harvesting to eat.

How to use?
Shake the container before use. Turn the nozzle to the ON position.
Holding the container well back (25cm) from the plant, spray the foliage and stems on both the top and undersides.
Safe to use on indoor plants

Do not use on very young seedlings or very new, tender leaves.
Do not apply in the heat of the day.

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