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750ml Defender RosePride
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750ml Defender RosePride 750ml Defender RosePride - turfmate

750ml Defender RosePride

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Suitable for all types of roses and other ornamental plants.
Do not use on food plants (vegetables, herbs and fruits).

RosePride is not a scheduled poison. It is not systemic. The active ingredient is Bifenthrin.

Effective Against:

● Aphids
● Caterpillars
● Whiteflies
● Thrips
● Black Spot
● Powdery Mildew
● Rusts

When to use?
When insect pests are active or fungal diseases (Black Spot, Mildews, Rust) are present. Avoid applying when it is very hot or windy.

Why RosePride works so well?
RosePride is a ready-to-use liquid formulation containing myclobutanil and bifenthrin. The bifenthrin provides knockdown and residual control of insects and mites, while the myclobutanil is a systemic fungicide which has both a preventative and curative effect on fungal disease.

How to use?
Simply spray on to leaves, shoots and buds of plants, ensuring coverage of hard-to-reach places where pests like to hide.

Re-apply at regular intervals of 10-14 days, or more frequently if pests re-appear. At times two or three sprays might be required to control a heavy existing infestation of mites.

Do not use on food plants!
RosePride is packaged in a child resistant, easy to use trigger pack, minimising the potential for access by children.
Because the formulation contains only a very low concentration of a powerful insecticide and fungicide, less chemical is released to the environment per spray and fewer sprays are required due to its residual action.

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