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Lawn Builder™ Plus Organics  organically enriches the soil. The organic matter improves soil structure, which is the foundation of all healthy lawns.

Suitable for:
All types of lawn grass including Buffalo, Santa Ana Couch, carpet grass, Kikuyu and lawn substitutes.

This fertiliser has an NPK of 15.7 : 0.7 : 0.9 and contains:
● manure
● seaweed & fish
● wetting agent
● organic biostimulant

When to use?

Apply Lawn Builder Plus Organics in early spring, early summer and again in autumn. No need to water in immediately. Check the forecast and apply before rain is expected. Grass will green up within one week of receiving moisture.

How to use?
Calculate and measure out the amount needed to fertilise the lawn per square metre. Use a turfmate spreader to spread the fertiliser evenly and to prevent spillage on paths or paving.
If possible, water Lawn Builder Plus Organics in immediately. If not, simply apply it and wait for the next watering day or rainfall.

How Lawn Builder Plus Organics works?
● Slow release technology ensures that one application keeps feeding for months and is guaranteed to not burn the lawn, cause surge growth or yellowing in the grass.
● Boosted with composted manure, seaweed, fish and organic biostimulants to encourage microorganisms and earthworm activity in the soil.
● Fortified with iron to promote lush green foliage
● Contains wetting agent to improve water retention and help drought proof the lawn

Did you know?
It is estimated that 60% of the Nitrogen (N) applied to lawns via traditional lawn fertiliser eventually ends up in groundwater?* Lawn Builder slow release fertilisers minimise potential N leaching as they releases gradually by microbial action.

● Do not apply when the temperature is expected to exceed 30 degrees.
● Sweep granules off paths and paving to avoid iron staining

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