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Aquatic Blue Eco 5L - turfmate
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Aquatic Blue Eco 5L - turfmate Aquatic Blue Eco 5L - turfmate

Aquatic Blue Eco 5L

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Improving the appearance of your pond has never been easier. With Aquatic Blue, you can refresh the colour of your water and limit the growth of water plants and algae all-in-one.

This easy to use highly concentrated colourant dyes water and provides brilliant blue colour, lasting longer than any other dye on the market. Anti-foaming agent makes the product ideal for use in water with fountains and in water features. What’s more, is that this Aquatic Blue dye suppresses the growth of algae by limiting the penetration of UV light into the water, inhibiting problematic algae from growing further.

Is it Aquatic Blue safe?

Totally safe to use in the presence of humans, livestock, fish, domestic pets, wildlife and aquatic plants. Once diluted into the water column it is safe for swimming and the dye will not stain skin hair, clothes, rocks or sand. This dye is super simple to apply – just measure your amount according to instructions and apply directly into the water.

How does it work?

This science-backed product works by restricting the penetration of UV rays to aquatic plants, including aquatic weeds and algae. Without light, aquatic weeds and algae are not able to photosynthesise and grow. Aquatic Blue filters the sun’s rays to prevent aquatic weeds and algae from growing – all the while giving your body of water a gorgeous blue hue.

Because of its light-filtering properties, Aquatic Blue can also decrease water temperatures where applied. This can be beneficial for increased oxygen saturation, which in turn can keep fish healthy for longer and support the growth of the ‘good’ types of bacteria in your water.
Aquatic Blue can also help hinder fish predation through the refraction of light. This refraction inhibits birds from praying on fish stock as it handicaps their ability to locate the fish.

Basically, aquatic plants and algae need sunlight to grow for photosynthesis – Aquatic Blue prohibits the penetration of light into the body of water, therefore limiting the ability of plants and algae to take over. The science is quite simple: this aquatic dye is formulated to ‘screen out’ red-orange and blue-violet light rays from the sun. As the dye reflects sunlight, water temperatures remain lower and algae growth is suppressed.

Did you know?
• Colder water holds in it more oxygen, which is beneficial for healthy fish and adequate growth of ‘good’ bacteria.
• Cutting the intensity of light penetration in water can reduce phytoplankton blooms. This can help limit pH-level fluctuations and keep these levels stable for longer.

Aquatic Blue also assists in limiting pH-level fluctuations in water. A reduced concentration of light helps limit the risk of phytoplankton blooms. A high level of this type of plankton can cause abnormalities in the pH-levels of your water, which can be problematic for your pond.

What is Aquatic Blue made of?

It’s made up of a highly concentrated blend of colourants that dye the water and dispersants that evenly distribute the dye throughout. With Aquatic Blue, you don’t have to worry about dye clumping or sinking to the bottom of your pond, dam or lake.

Refresh your pond with brilliant blue colour

Aquatic Blue is formulated to disperse evenly throughout your water source for a beautiful blue hue that’s consistent throughout your pond. What’s more, is Aquatic Blue works quickly with long-term effect, giving you the perfect solution to keeping your water aesthetically superb. With this aquatic dye, you won’t get clumpy dye particles sinking to the bottom – enjoy an awesome depth of colour and long-lasting effect.

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