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Bactivate Plus Turf Blend 2L + Component 10L - turfmate
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Bactivate Plus Turf Blend 2L + Component 10L - turfmate Bactivate Plus Turf Blend 2L + Component 10L - turfmate

Bactivate Plus Turf Blend 2L + Component 10L

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Bioactive Component Blends have been specifically designed to complement Bioactive and Bactivate Liquid biological products.

They contain organic stimulants enriched with calcium, bioactive substances and key acids along with micro and macro elements designed to stimulate soil biology and repair degraded soil.

Bioactive Component Turf Blend contains:
• Beneficial acids
• Chelating agents
• Micro and macro elements
• Calcium

Bioactive Component Turf Blend can:
• Can assist reduction of thatch
• Improve photosynthesis
• Assist in biological stimulation
• Can improve soil structure leading to increased oxygenation
• Stimulate root development

Application Rate
Mix 5L Bioactive Component Turf Blend with 1L Bactivate Plus Turf Blend into between 150-300L water to cover 1Ha.
Application rates can vary depending on soil type and condition.

Bioactive Liquid Turf Blend is a combination of ingredients, including a specific selection from the Bactivate® range, that has been formulated to perform on turf.

Bioactive Liquid Turf Blend can assist in germination, root development and may decrease the use of chemicals and fertiliser applications on most turf.

Bioactive Liquid Turf Blend is a complete liquid spray/drench. Our specific formulation, developed for the turf and golf industries, can:
• Increase root mass and development
• Decrease chemical and fertiliser use
• Improve wear and tear
• Improve soil structure

• Easy to mix and apply
• Includes selected products from the Bactivate™ range
Active ingredients include kelp, molasses, carbon, microbes and nutrients
Can be stored for up to 3 months prior to use

Application Rates
Apply 1L per Ha with 5L Bioactive Component Turf Blend mixed into between 150-300L water.

Can be used in conjunction with Bioactive Component Special Blend chelated fertiliser.

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