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Bactivate 3 Program Pack (Turf & Pasture)
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Bactivate 3 Program Pack (Turf & Pasture) Bactivate 3 Program Pack (Turf & Pasture)

Bactivate 3 Program Pack (Turf & Pasture)

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Dedicated to Growing your Bottom Line
The Bactivate 3 Turf & Pasture Program Pack has been scientifically formulated for all turf & pasture applications. The formulation delivers 3 key bacillus bacteria to the soil, stimulates microbial activity, promotes rapid colonisation, & improves the growth, health & immunity of the turf & pasture.
The Bactivate Turf & Pasture Prorgam delivers the following benefits:
• improves recovery after paddock grazing/cutting,
• decreases the use of chemicals and chemical fertilisers,
• improves soil structure, root mass and moisture holding capacity
for enhanced turf performance & growth,
• increase in biological activity may have a benefit to herd health,
• reduces stress and attacks from pests and pathogens,
• increases sileage, hay volumes and quality,
• improves yields, decreases inputs and increase your profits

Application Guidelines
Bactivate 3 , Bactivate Seaweed, Bactivate BioBoost Enhance
Mix 1L Bactivate 3 with 2.5L Bactivate Seaweed and 2.5L Bactivate BioBoost Enhance into 150L water and apply to 1 Ha.

For pasture, sports turf, ovals, turf growers, parks, gardens, and fairways, apply up to twice per annum. For greens, tees, high traffic and high use areas, apply monthly or bi-monthly for best results.

The Bactivate 3 Program Pack includes 3 products from our Bactivate range: Bactivate 3 - our 3 species of beneficial bacillus bacteria, Bactivate Seaweed & Bactivate BioBoost Enhance.

Designed for ease of application, the pack contains 3 bottles that mix readily with water. It can be stored for up to 6 months from date of delivery. The program can be used year round and there is no withholding period required for animals. For more detail on each of the individual products, please refer to the individual product information sheets.

The Program Pack is available in a variety of sizes: 2Ha, 4 Ha, 20 Ha, 40 Ha, 80 Ha, 200 Ha & 400+ Ha.

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