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Bactivate 5 (Bacillus Microbe solution for horticulture)
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Bactivate 5 (Bacillus Microbe solution for horticulture) Bactivate 5 (Bacillus Microbe solution for horticulture)

Bactivate 5 (Bacillus Microbe solution for horticulture)

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Bactivate 5 is a combination of five bacillus bacteria designed to re-build soil structure.
It provides essential bacteria to the soil and in turn, stimulates biological activity.

Bactivate 5 contains individual antagonistic strains of bacillus bacteria, each of which has a specific function within biology. When active, these functions can assist in the reduction of chemicals and chemical fertilisers, improve the immune function of the tree/plant, improve the soil structure, increase crop yield and improve the overall quality of the crop.

For best results, Bactivate 5 should be used in conjunction with Bactivate BioBoost, Bactivate BioBoost Enhance and Bactivate Seaweed.

Key benefits of Bactivate 5 include:
• improves nutrient uptake leading to a reduction in fertiliser requirements,
• solubilises soil bound phosphorous and potassium and makes it available for plant consumption,
• converts atmospheric nitrogen into plant available forms,
• improves tree/plant structure leading to improved pest and disease resistance,
• offsets damage and aids recovery from environmental factors such as drought, heat, frost and wind,
• regulates soil pH at the root zone for optimal tree/plant performance,
• rapidly decomposes organic matter in the soil,
• improves tree/plant growth rates naturally,
• sequesters heavy metals, pesticide and herbicide residuals in soil,
• assists the tree/plant to suppress attack from soil pathogens.

Also sold in 200L drums and 1000L IBCs. Please contact for pricing.

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