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Mikskaar Peat-based Media 165L, MKS11 - Plug Mix
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Mikskaar Peat-based Media 165L, MKS11 - Plug Mix

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Individual Price: $47 per bale
5 + Bales: 
$42 per bale
35 + Bales: 
$35.14 per bale

Mikskaar Professional Substrate MKS11

Universal substrate for trays and potting Mikskaar MKS11 is a universal substrate for young plants and for repotting in small pots and large trays.

The special medium-fine structure gives good support for small roots but has at the same time enough porosity to give good aeration in the substrate.

Works well in automatic filling and potting systems. Suitable for a wide range of vegetables, flowers, bedding plants, indoor plants, trees, ornamental plants. The substrate is made of 100% natural, a little decomposed milled peat moss of Estonian origin, with high buffering ability, water and air porosity, it is pest and weed-free.

The mix is with neutral pH, includes short term NPK fertiliser with trace elements and wetting agent for easier initial irrigation. In order to guarantee maximum outcome and density, please water the peat before use during the opening of the bag, this enhances the process of decompression.

Makes your plants grow better!


  • For vegetable and ornamental young plants, seedlings, potting. Trays, small pots ø < 9 cm.
  • Trays, small pots ø < 9 cm.

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