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GMX High K
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GMX High K

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GMX High K is a 30% potassium in an organic citrate form, providing major advantages over inorganic salts.

GMX High K contains no nitrogen, chlorides or sulphur. The citrate molecule, found in turf, is immediately absorbed, then is quickly converted to carbohydrates. Potassium will increase strength, improve plant health and add colour.

Potassium plays an important role in:

  • Carbohydrate synthesis and translocation
  • Amino acid and protein synthesis
  • Portection against disease
  • Turgidity of plant cells
  • Regulating respiration
  • Increased drought protection
  • Reducing wear in high traffic situations

Potassium affects the way a turf hardens off for the winter. Turfgrass deficient in potassium may suffer greater amounts of injury in turf grown with adequate potassium levels. This is all because of the way the potassium helps the plant regulate the movement of water into and out of its cells. Potassium is essential in regulating the osmotic activity and turgidity of cells, important for stomata control. Higher concentrations of potassium will toughen, harden and make turf more durable as water will not fill the cells and make the turf soft.

GMX HIGH K contains no Nitrogen, so management of vigor and growth can be better controlled. The supply of potassium in high concentration fits perfectly into the standards required for premium quality turf.

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