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Lake Colourant - turfmate
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Lake Colourant - turfmate Lake Colourant - turfmate

Lake Colourant

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Use Lake Colourant™ to create natural-appearing blue water is easy and inexpensive. Lake Colourant is the perfect colourant for lakes, ponds, water hazards, or large fountains.

In addition, Lake Colourant WSP can still be used for other purposes, such as irrigation, without discolouring turf, concrete, or other surfaces.

Lake Colourant is safe and non-toxic to fish, waterfowl and livestock. Treated water may be used for irrigation, swimming and other recreational sports.

  • No mess, no muddy shoes
  • Easy to administer, no measuring required
  • No Staining, no clean-up

Determine the volume of water to be treated and consult the Suggested Use Rates chart, to determine the number of WSPs to use. One WSP is suggested for each acre foot* of water. If a darker or lighter color is desired, vary the rate accordingly. Toss or drop the correct number of packets into the water. Evenly spaced packets aid in quicker, more even coverage.

Click here for Instructions for Use.

Click here for our Safety Data Sheet

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