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LakePak WSP
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LakePak WSP LakePak WSP - turfmate LakePak WSP - turfmate

LakePak WSP

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LakePak WSP is a concentrated microbial product containing a proprietary blend of Bacillus bacterial strains that biodegrade nutrients, organic matter and hydrocarbons to reduce foul odours and sludge in water bodies.

LakePak WSP is easy to apply and can be simply tossed into a body of water to be treated. As the water soluble packets dissolve, the microbes in LakePak WSP go to work to improve water quality and clarity, reduce sludge and organic sediment and control unpleasant odours.

1 sachet = 225g
1 sachet treats 1200m3 or 1200kL every 2 weeks. Ponds or lakes with a history of chronic problems or low dissolved oxygen level may benefit from a higher rate of 500g every 2 weeks.

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