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Scotts Lawn Builder + Weed Kill
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Scotts Lawn Builder + Weed Kill

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Scotts Lawn Builder™ + Weedkill is a slow release granular lawn fertiliser with an added selective herbicide.

It feeds the lawn while exterminating a range of common lawn weeds.

Use Against:

● bindii
● dandelion
● plantain
● creeping oxalis
● clover
● catsear
● chickweed
● capeweed
● wireweed
● and other broadleaf lawn weeds

Lawn Builder + Weedkill has an NPK of 21 : 1 : 16
Feeds and weeds at the same time
Do not use again for at least 10 weeks

Do not use Lawn Builder + Weedkill on buffalo grass including the fine leaf forms such as 'Sir Walter', 'Palmetto', 'Shademaster' and 'St Augustine'.
Read ALL the safety precautions on the pack and follow them closely.
Do not apply when the temperature is expected to exceed 30 degrees.

Why Lawn Builder + Weed Kill works so well?
The slow release fertiliser releases nutrients at about the same rate that grass roots can take the fertiliser up so there is no wastage, run-off to waterways or damaging surge growth.

Added Mecoprop & Dicamba Acid is effective against broad-leaf weeds.

How to use?
Calculate and measure out the amount needed to fertilise the lawn - 16 grams per square metre. Do not use more than is recommended. Use a turfmate spreader to ensure that the product is spread evenly. Apply to wet grass and leave for 24 hours, then water in. Some weeds can take up to 3 weeks to die. Do not reapply for at least 10 weeks.

When to use:
Lawn Builder + Weed Kill is best applied in late winter, spring and in autumn. Do not use in the heat of summer.

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