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Tombstone Duo - turfmate
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Tombstone Duo - turfmate Tombstone Duo - turfmate

Tombstone Duo

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Strong Disease Protection in all weather conditions

Product Overview
• Tombstone Duo is a broad spectrum fungicide containing the active ingredients Trifloxystrobin (100g/L) and Tebuconazole (200g/L)
• It is registered for the control of Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Winter Fusarium, Helminthosporium diseases (including White Helmo), Leptosphaerulina, Curvularia, Dollar Spot and ERI (Ectotrophic Root Infecting Fungi) diseases
• Tombstone Duo is an SC formulation
• Tombstone Duo is manufactured in Australia

Key Features of ProForce Tombstone Duo
• Provides curative, protectant and eradicant activity.
• Excellent rainfast properties. Works in all weather conditions.
• Broad spectrum of activity. Registered for the control of 9 turf diseases, including foliar and root pathogens.
• Registered for the control of Leptosphaerulina and Curvularia. There are limited registered options for these pathogens.
• Registered for the control of ERI diseases, both from a curative and preventative basis.
• Provides contact, translaminar, mesosystemic and systemic activity, providing inside-out disease protection.
• Contains two strong active ingredients for turf, with differing modes of action

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