Turfmate Turf Blend Soil

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Individual Price: $10.00 per 20L bag
40 + Bags: 
$9 per 20L bag
Cube available locally

Key benefits  

  • can be used as a mulch, top dress or incorporated into soils. 
  • If using on native plants the soil/compost blend is needed 
  • It’s a more natural way for growing. 
  • Used by organic farmers              
  • Increased organic matter in your soils 
  • Ph neutral 7
  • Provides plant available food, less dependent on Fertilisers. 
  • turfmate topsoil is tested by a micro biologist to ensure there’s active bacteria and fungi present. 
  • Assists in disease suppression of plants 
  • High in calcium, no need for lime or gypsum. 
  • Is a slow release source of nutrient for your plants 
  • Haccp certified. Made to the Australian standard of composting. 
  • Thermal compost all weed seeds, E. coli and salmonella cooked out 
  • Only organic material used. Cow, sheep and horse manure. Millet, wheat and lucerne straw. Matured softwood and hardwood shavings 
  • No waste products, council collections or chemicals used 
  • Made and used by a farming family with over 65 years of growing experience in Australia. 
  • Australian owned and operated 

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