12-1.7-9.6 Plant Pro Fertiliser 60%SRN + Micros + Humic + Sugars

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Plant Pro Fertiliser - 12-1.7-9.6 

For all turf grass, trees & landscape plants with 60% SRN +MG, MN, FE, CU, ZN, B, plus humic acid and sugars

  • For use on all turfgrasses
  • MG, MN & organics supplements
  • Feeds Smart N for two to three months
  • 100% chelated micros for fast results
  • Packed with 12 essential ingredients!
  • Visible plant response and greening

Plant-Pro 12-1.7-9.6 can be used on all varieties of cool, transitional and warm-season grasses.

This N-P-K solution is enriched with a blend of organic supplements not contained in conventional fertilisers. It contains 60% Growth Products' exclusive slow-release nitrogen and 6 essential micronutrients. Growth Products’ exclusive slow-release nitrogen acts as a sticker-spreader ensuring coverage of nutrients and beneficial ingredients. It is ideal for embankments and bunker surrounds where water run-off is a concern.

Plant-Pro has been formulated and tested for low salts so that it will not injure young turf or plant materials.

It can be used for low water volume spray programs, as recommended for urban plantings, where paved areas make it difficult to apply large volumes of water. This program utilizes five times less water than a standard program. Be sure to follow all mixing instructions carefully.

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