Turf Maintenance Hand Tools

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
36 inch Greenkeeper Levelawn - turfmate36 inch Greenkeeper Levelawn - turfmate
David Golf 36 inch Greenkeeper LevelawnSKU: TM-GSLL
$105.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$115.50
40" Landscaper Levelawn - turfmate40" Landscaper Levelawn - turfmate
Turfmate International 40" Landscaper LevelawnSKU: TM-SSLL
$115.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$126.50
Landzie Compost & Peat Moss SpreaderLandzie Compost & Peat Moss Spreader
Turfmate International Landzie Compost & Peat Moss SpreaderSKU: FL-LANDZIE-600
From $350.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $385.00
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turfmates Water Filled Roller
turfmate turfmates Water Filled RollerSKU: AKRK(3)
$410.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$451.00
Weed Wand - turfmateWeed Wand - turfmate
Standard Golf Weed WandSKU: SG-29700
From $30.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $33.00
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Robust 3 Tyne Aerator - turfmateRobust 3 Tyne Aerator - turfmate
David Golf Robust 3 Tyne AeratorSKU: BMS-AER3T
$140.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$154.00
Silvan 60L Roller - turfmateSilvan 60L Roller - turfmate
Silvan Silvan 60L RollerSKU: SA-RP5
$130.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$143.00
Debris Rake - turfmateDebris Rake - turfmate
Standard Golf Debris RakeSKU: SG-11300
$120.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$132.00
Border Shears - turfmateBorder Shears - turfmate
David Golf Border ShearsSKU: BMS-BS
$65.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$71.50
60L Lawn Aerator60L Lawn Aerator
Turfmate International 60L Lawn AeratorSKU: RR-LA60
From $77.26(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $84.99
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Wheelbarrow Booster - turfmateWheelbarrow Booster - turfmate
turfmate Wheelbarrow BoosterSKU: GB-WBB
$18.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$19.80
#1 transfer shovel#1 transfer shovel
David Golf #1 transfer shovelSKU: BMS-#1SHOVEL
$60.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$66.00
Timber Dew Broom - turfmateTimber Dew Broom - turfmate
turfmate Timber Dew BroomSKU: BMS-DB3
$330.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$363.00
Accuform Star Spiker - turfmateAccuform Star Spiker - turfmate
Par Aide Accuform Star SpikerSKU: PA13256
$215.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$236.50
Aluminium Dew Broom - turfmateAluminium Dew Broom - turfmate
David Golf Aluminium Dew BroomSKU: BMS-DBAL
$315.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$346.50
Accu-Seed - turfmateAccu-Seed - turfmate
Par Aide Accu-SeedSKU: PA13270
$645.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$709.50

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