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Spreaders. Re-invented.

PrecisionPro is an innovation of the year award winning device, helping you to measure your turf areas, calibrate your spreader and apply product more accurately than ever before.

PrecisionPro is supplied ready to go straight from the box with a dedicated tablet device and the PrecisionPro app pre installed. The app has been designed specifically for out door use using a dark mode theme to enhance visibility.

PrecisionPro attaches to any push spreader using a bespoke designed holder which is also supplied in the box. The holder also incorporates a built in protection cover for further enhancing outdoor visibility by reducing glare and also helps to keep your tablet device dry when raining and dust free.

Digital scales are also provided, ensuring superior accuracy when calibrating your spreader and weighing product.

Fits on anything

 Rotary Spreaders


Drop Spreaders


Superior accuracy at your finger tips.

Map mode detects your location to display your golf course or sports field in beautiful satellite view. Simply use two fingers to zoom into the area you want to measure and start placing markers around the perimeter. Once your happy click save and view all your results in the Data & Setting section as and when you want to.

Measure offline, using GPS.

Using the built in GPS functionality you can still measure the size of any area. No Wifi or mobile data is required, simply select GPS mode wait until the satellites have detected your location and once the number of readings start you can begin walking the perimeter of your surface.

The new Pen & Paper option.

If you already know the size of your areas or want to enter data from measuring the good old fashion way with tape measures and wheels, you can use the Manual mode to store your data. Simply select Manual mode enter the name of the area and the measurement of both or eithier distance and area.

Do you know the size of your area

Measuring the size of the areas you treat is one of the most important sources of information required. Knowing the size of your areas helps you buy the right amount of fertilisers & seed. Over or under applying products will have detrimental effects on your turf.

Using the measure feature in PrecisionPro will help you better understand the size of your turf to be treated therefore ensuring exact amount of product bought.

GPS locks onto your device telling you your latitude and longitude points as well as how many readings have been obtain by the satellites in space. The area is then displayed. Just like magic.

Distance - Step 1 is all about walking a suitable distance, enough to allow accurate measurement of product output for various rates. It's best practise to calibrate products on a turf area as you will obtain a more accurate measurement of spread width compared to doing it on a hard surface.
Start Weight - Step 2 requires your start weight of product. Using a fresh bag of product is always best, always ensure enough product is poured into the spreader for the calibration process, You don't want to run out half way now!
Speed - Step 3 is where people have always gone wrong in the past. Walking the correct speed is crucial as the width of spread is directly linked to the speed you walk. Walk to slow and the spread width is narrow, walk to fast and the spread width becomes wider. Consistent accurate speed is vital for applying products with a granular spreader.

End Weight - Step 4 is where you re-weigh your bag of fertiliser once you have emptied the unused product back into the original bag . Using the highly accurate digital scales provided to obtain the weight is simple and easy to use. Spread Width - Step 5 is the final input. To obtain the width of spread we recommend having an extra set or 2 of eyes spotting where your fertiliser product is being spread to when walking you measured distance in step 3. Success Store and save your calibration results with the name of the product being calibrated, the name of the spreader used and final the setting number or letter to achieve the desired application rate. All your data can be found in the Data & Settings tab.

Do you calibrate your fertilisers & spreaders?

Once you know the size of the area being treated its important to ensure that your spreader is outputting the exact amount of product as expected.

In our research we have found many spreaders to be out of calibration from the settings stated on the bag or in the product information sheet. General wear and tear over time can offset your spreader but also different batches of fertilisers and size of granules will also have an effect mostly on the spread width.

Calibration has notoriously been a long winded process that most of us don't do or want to do, PrecisionPro changes this. Follow the step by step instructions on the calibrate feature within the PrecisionPro app to find the correct spreader setting for the desired output rate of product.

Walking speed and spread width are linked together. Walk a consistent speed and your spread width will also be consistent as per your calibrated data. Walk to slow and your spread width becomes shorter and this is a big problem when applying fertilisers. You may walk at 2 meter centres but if your walking slower than your previous pass then you will be left with missed areas of turf. Its not rocket science. Ultimately if you walk to fast you run the risk of more issues. Faster walking speed will mean over applying on areas and even diluting the actual output rate of fertiliser.

Just as important is the angle you keep your spreader at when applying products. PrecisionPro has a built in degree of movement score to help keep your spreader as close to zero as possible. Moving your spreader up and down during your passes will also have major effects of the distribution of products. Keep it level for optimum distribution.

PrecisionPro helps you become a master applicator. After each area treated you can view your score. Aiming to get an average speed of 3.1mph / 5km/h and as close to zero as possible.


Do you keep the spreader level when applying? Do you walk the right speed every time?

Once you have calibrated your spreader with your correct settings and measured your turf area, you don't have to do them again. Time to apply the product more accurately and better than ever before.

Applying fertilisers until now has been so inaccurate causing many unsightly turf problems that we quickly blame the fertiliser product and or the spreader. Our research has found on many instances the operator walking an inconsistent speed is the #1 factor for misapplications.

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