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Showing 1 - 24 of 25 products
Core CollectorCore Collector
Campey Core CollectorSKU: CAM-TR3.5K-TM
From $580.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $638.00
Tomlin Tipping TrailerTomlin Tipping Trailer
Campey Tomlin Tipping TrailerSKU: CAM-TTR2-TM
From $9,135.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $10,048.50
Omarv VeneziaOmarv Venezia
Campey Omarv VeneziaSKU: CAM-OMTER140-TM
From $82,880.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $91,168.00
Omarv Alba
Campey Omarv AlbaSKU: CAM-OMTEL120-TM
From $16,160.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $17,776.00
Micro Sprayer MC120Micro Sprayer MC120
Campey Micro Sprayer MC120SKU: CAM-SPMC12035M-TM
From $700.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $770.00
Campey Uni-ScratchSKU: CAM-RUR200BRU-TM
From $1,225.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $1,347.50
Campey Uni-BrushSKU: CAM-CUB-150H-TM
From $1,080.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $1,188.00
Triple V-BrushTriple V-Brush
Campey Triple V-BrushSKU: CAM-RTVB180-TM
$3,355.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$3,690.50
Triangle Brush
Campey Triangle BrushSKU: CAM-RTRIBRU-TM
$3,910.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$4,301.00
Groundsmower TrailerGroundsmower Trailer
Campey Groundsmower TrailerSKU: CAM-RMTT-TM
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A2G2 Easy Load TrailerA2G2 Easy Load Trailer
Campey A2G2 Easy Load TrailerSKU: CAM-RELT-TM
$7,950.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$8,745.00
TPC Easy Load TrailerTPC Easy Load Trailer
Campey TPC Easy Load TrailerSKU: CAM-TPCT-TM
$7,805.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$8,585.50
Tomlin Slitter - 1.70m
Campey Tomlin Slitter - 1.70mSKU: CAM-TSLI1.7-TM
From $1,350.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $1,485.00
Synthoflex Brush
Campey Synthoflex BrushSKU: CAM-RSB180-TM
$2,695.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$2,964.50
Sumo TSD2Sumo TSD2
Campey Sumo TSD2SKU: CAM-GLS-2-TM
$18,855.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$20,740.50
Sportsfield HarrowSportsfield Harrow
Campey Sportsfield HarrowSKU: CAM-RSPH250-TM
$2,360.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$2,596.00
Campey SpeedresserSKU: CAM-RSD18H-TM
From $39,500.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $43,450.00
Easydrag 12mm Rubber DragmatEasydrag 12mm Rubber Dragmat
Campey Easydrag 12mm Rubber DragmatSKU: CAM-RRDM12-12-TM
From $1,305.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $1,435.50
BM50 Verti-CutterBM50 Verti-Cutter
Campey BM50 Verti-CutterSKU: BM50 Verti-Cutter 1600
From $16,440.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $18,084.00
BM40 Scarifier CollectorBM40 Scarifier Collector
Campey BM40 Scarifier CollectorSKU: CAM-BM401600-TM
From $29,000.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $31,900.00
Pedestrian Aera SeederPedestrian Aera Seeder
Campey Pedestrian Aera SeederSKU: CAM-CAS60SP-TM
$18,855.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$20,740.50
Aera SeederAera Seeder
Campey Aera SeederSKU: CAM-RAS120CRB-TM
From $22,640.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $24,904.00
Campey UniRake™SKU: CAM-RUR200-TM
From $2,830.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $3,113.00
Hydrostatic Lawnflite
Campey Hydrostatic LawnfliteSKU: 553HRSP-HST-TM
$3,900.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$4,290.00

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