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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
10kg Acelepryn GR10kg Acelepryn GR - turfmate
Syngenta 10kg Acelepryn GRSKU: SYN-ACELEPGR
$133.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$146.30
2L Grub Guard - turfmate2L Grub Guard - turfmate
Lawn Solutions 2L Grub GuardSKU: LS-GG
$35.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$38.50
Pest Control 1L Fivestar Insecticide - turfmatePest Control 1L Fivestar Insecticide - turfmate
Surefire Pest Control 1L Fivestar InsecticideSKU: FL-PCT0405119
$45.45(excl. GST)
Sale price$49.99
1L Tirem 200 SC Insecticide - turfmate1L Tirem 200 SC Insecticide - turfmate
Turf Culture 1L Tirem 200 SC InsecticideSKU: TCUL-TIREM-1
$60.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$66.00
Thumper Insecticide - turfmateThumper Insecticide - turfmate
Turf Culture Thumper InsecticideSKU: NT-THUMPER-1
$130.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$143.00
1kg SAS PRO® Professional Granule Ant Killer1kg SAS PRO® Professional Granule Ant Killer
Turfmate International 1kg SAS PRO® Professional Granule Ant KillerSKU: SASANT-1KG
$20.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$22.00
750ml Acelepryn750ml Acelepryn
Syngenta 750ml AceleprynSKU: SYN-LIQACELEP
$455.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$500.50
1kg Defender Snail & Slug Pellets - turfmate1kg Defender Snail & Slug Pellets - turfmate
Defender 1kg Defender Snail & Slug PelletsSKU: FL-190300
$8.35(excl. GST)
Sale price$9.19
1kg Syngenta MERIDIAN Insecticide1kg Syngenta MERIDIAN Insecticide
Syngenta 1kg Syngenta MERIDIAN InsecticideSKU: MERIDIAN-1
$100.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$110.00
5L Venom® Professional 1005L Venom® Professional 100
Adama 5L Venom® Professional 100SKU: AD-VENOM-5
$155.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$170.50
Tekko® ProTekko® Pro
Adama Tekko® ProSKU: AD-TEKKOPRO-250
From $28.00(excl. GST)
Sale priceFrom $30.80
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500g Wasp Force500g Wasp Force
Adama 500g Wasp ForceSKU: AD-WASFOR-500
$15.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$16.50
2.5L Enviromax Fipronil 200SC (200g/L fipronil) - turfmate2.5L Enviromax Fipronil 200SC (200g/L fipronil) - turfmate
turfmate 2.5L Enviromax Fipronil 200SC (200g/L fipronil)SKU: FL-ENVIROFIP-2.5
$320.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$352.00
Imtrade Metakill Snail & Slug Bait
Turfmate International Imtrade Metakill Snail & Slug BaitSKU:
$321.00(excl. GST)
Sale price$353.10

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