2.5L Enviromax Fipronil 200SC (200g/L fipronil)

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Australia's only waterbased Fiprinol formulation approved for Turf and Pests.

This water-based 200 g/L Fipronil formulation has been manufactured according to novel and exacting methods, resulting in a superior Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation. Field trials in Australia have proven the product compares favourably with the industry standard.

This product will kill susceptible non-target invertebrates, including beneficial species, if not applied according to strict label directions. Do NOT apply to areas where surface water is present. Rinse waters and run-off from treated areas MUST be prevented from entering drains or waterways. Do NOT apply if heavy rains are expected to occur within 48 hours of application. Do NOT contaminate streams, rivers or waterways with the chemical or used containers.

Always read and follow the label when applying EnviroMax® Fipronil 200SC Insecticide, and refer to the Safety Data Sheet for more information.

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Click here for Safety Data Sheet

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