Tomlin Tipping Trailer


Style: 2 Tonne Trailer - Rear Tip
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The DW Tomlin Agricultural Tipping Trailer is ideal for moving a range of materials. It can carry loose material such as manure, as well as logs. The Hydraulic tip function makes unloading simple when the rear panel is removed. All of the sides are incredibly sturdy.

The trailer is British-made, meaning that its construction and material are of a high quality, giving the trailer good longevity.

The DW Tomlin Agriculture Tipping Trailer is simple to use with an independent hand brake to secure the load. This feature enhances the safety of the trailer. The manufacturer's recommended maximum carrying capacity is 2/3.5 metric tonnes (Depending on the model).

It requires 1 single hydraulic spool to operate the upwards lift of the trailer. Then gravity returns the trailer bed to the horizontal position.

In addition, it has a simple pin hitch for attaching to a range of small or compact tractors.

This trailer is quick and simple to fit and operate. Therefore, it will save both time and effort.

*Please note this is an agricultural trailer, which is not designed for road use or towing at road speeds.

2 Tonne Specs
1.83 m x 1.22m, 16hp
Rear Tip 215mm Wheel Width
3 Way Tip 265mm Wheel Width
Optional Extras: Koro Ready, With Extensions Sides
3.5 Tonne Specs
3.05m x 1.83m, 40hp
Rear Tip 300mm Wheel Width
3 Way Tip 390mm Wheel Width
High Lift 390mm Wheel Width
Optional Extras: Koro Ready, With Extensions Sides

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