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Smoothness & Trueness

Measure the smoothness and trueness of any fine turf surface using smarthphone technology. From tournament preparation to measuring the recovery from renovations. PARRYMETER tells you just how smooth & true the ball is rolling every time.

Measure smoothness and trueness with the smartphone in your pocket.

Using a collection of unique sensors built into all iPhone devices, the app detects 1000's of vertical and lateral movement per measurement. This provides the most reliable, accurate and scientific ball roll data ever.

Home screen welcomes you and lets you start measuring, view your results or export your data to CSV. Input other measurements or conditions to create a better understanding of your results. ECG like measurement data for your greens.


All New Design!

A redesign brought new functionality & useability with increased accuracy.

Engineered to Perfection!

Groundbreaking design and manufacturing ensures ParryMeter 2.0 measures perfectly ever time. Maintenance free and ready to go when you are.

It's Real!

Nothing else measures how a real golf ball rolls across the surface.

See the ParryMeter in Action!

Smooth ball roll is more important than speed!

In a survey conducted by Syngenta, it found that the most important element for Greens was Smooth ball roll.

Endless possibilities

Measure every operation, cultural practise and even turf treatments such as fertiliser and PGR's. ParryMeter can help you measure anything and everything, helping you to understand what works best for your turf.

Rolling Greens

Do you roll? How often? ParryMeter will help you discover the benefits (or not) of rolling greens. Find out if double rolling is more beneficial than single, even test different types of rollers. ParryMeter can measure that too.

Mowing Set-up

Measure the smoothness and trueness before and after mowing operations will help you find the perfect set-up for your mower. Groomer heights, roller choice, frequency of clip and even HOC can all be measured by ParryMeter.

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