14-3-11.7 All Purpose Fertiliser 50%SRN + Micros

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All Purpose Fertiliser 50%SRN +  Micros (14-3-11.7)  – 10 Litre

With 50% time-released Nitrogen plus micros

  • Low salt index, no chlorides
  • Use as a foliar feed or drench
  • Crystal clear solution
  • Provides continuous steady feeding
  • Contains all essential micronutrients

All Purpose 4-3-11.7 is a concentrated crystal-clear liquid solution in or near 2-1-2 ratio that the horticultural industry favours, plus important micronutrients. The solution contains 7% Time-Released nitrogen from our exclusive methylene urea.

Methylene Nitrogen is the smart approach to Nitrogen application. It has been university tested and found to be a very consistent and reliable Nitrogen source that remains present and available to your plants for a longer period of time. It does not leach or volatise and is not easily broken down. Its Nitrogen will only be released by a combination of factors (heat, humidity, and microbial activity).

This products’ controlled release Nitrogen produces a more consistent Nitrogen feeding curve. As a result, the timing between fertilisation can be extended. The slow-release Nitrogen is a tackifier and is less likely to leach or volatilise.

The Potassium in All Purpose is completely soluble and therefore immediately available for plant uptake. It is ideal to use when plants are maturing and blooming.

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