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For the control of certain broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley, cereal rye, oats, triticale and turf.

Fairway is a broadleaf herbicide containing 280 g/L MCPA, 140 g/L bromoxynil and 40 g/L dicamba. It is registered for the control of dicot weeds in a wide range of recreational turf situations.

Fairway can be used on a large number of established turf varieties, including Common Couch, Qld Blue Couch, Kikuyu, Paspalum, Fescue, Bentgrass and Ryegrass. A key feature of Fairway is that it provides quick weed knockdown as well as being one of the broadest spectrum broadleaf weed herbicides available on the market, registered to control 11 weeds.

Fairway contains a dual mode of action for improved performance and resistance management.

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