10L Onyx Bio Foundation Liquid Fertiliser 5-0-2

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ONYX Bio Foundation Liquid Fertiliser 10L

Onyx Liquid is an organic biostimulant fertiliser. A rich black liquid made from plant-based materials; Onyx Liquid provides high-levels of amino acids, plus nitrogen and
potassium as well as phosphorous, trace elements and carbohydrates.

Onyx Liquid provides not only the nutrition for growth and root development, but also provides a biostimulant effect to encourage germination, establishment and resistance to environmental stress factors.

Onyx Liquid Foundation contains nitrogen, potassium, trace elements and significant levels of amino acids. Helps to reduce stress in plants that can arise from weather, or from the overuse of pesticides and fertilisers. Using this product all year round will increase the overall health of the turf, repairing damage and providing a high quality turf.


  • NPK: 5-0-2 +TE +Sugars
  • Rich black liquid made from plant based materials
  • Rich in organic matter and amino acids
  • Derived from sugar beet
  • Helps provide resistance to environmental stress factors
  • Delivers a biostimulant effect to encourage seed germination
  • Improves root growth and root mass

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