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ELEVATE® is a 400 g/L EC formulation of carfentrazone that is quickly absorbed to improve the speed of brown out when mixed with commonly used knockdown herbicides and to provide reliable control of hard to kill weeds including Marshmallow, Capeweed and Paterson’s Curse 

  • ELEVATE® has no plant back restrictions and can be used with partner herbicides in many situations including prior to the establishment of crops, fallows or forest plantations
  • ELEVATE® is non-volatile and may be used for under canopy weed control in tree fruits, nut crops and grapevines without damaging crop foliage and has no soil residual activity so will not damage surface roots.

For improvement in the control of marshmallow and certain other broadleaf weeds prior to establishment of crops, fallows or forest plantations, in commercial, industrial and public service areas, in treefruits, nuts, grapevines in tank mixture with knockdown herbicides; control of marshmallow and annual nettles in grass pastures and rough grass/ turf areas; control of volunteer cotton seedlings including Roundup Ready(R) cotton and desiccation of cotton re-growth.

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