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FUSILADE® FORTE combines the proven grass weed control and crop safety of
FUSILADE with Syngenta’s patented ISOLINK surfactant technology for improved

Reliable control of grass weeds FUSILADE FORTE provides powerful, postemergent
control of many annual grasses and certain perennial grasses in dozens of horticultural
crops, ornamentals and nursery trees. It features a highly flexible application window and a high level of crop safety.

Unique formulation
FUSILADE FORTE features ISOLINK technology which combines the active ingredient, surfactants and oils into tiny micro-droplets within an emulsifiable concentrate. There is no need to add any surfactants or oils to FUSILADE FORTE.

Active ingredient
FUSILADE FORTE contains 128g/L of fluazifop-P, present as the butyl ester, with 156g/L hydrocarbon solvent in an emulsifable concentrate formulation. Fluazifop-P is a member of the “fop” group of herbicides. For resistance management purposes, it is a Group A herbicide.

Mode of action
FUSILADE FORTE has the inhibitor of acetyl coA carboxylase mode of action. The active ingredient inhibits the synthesis of fatty acids and lipids, which are needed to maintain cell integrity and store energy. Plant growth stops within two days and susceptible weeds stop competing with the crop for available moisture and nutrients. Symptoms
such as discolouration, necrosis and swelling are evident in 7 to 10 days.

Improved mixing and spraying
FUSILADE FORTE forms a stable emulsion when mixed with water, ensuring uniform distribution throughout the spray mixture.

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