1L Syngenta Trimmit Growth Regulator


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TRIMMIT Growth Regulator reduces hedge regrowth by up to 90%, helping you achieve a better looking, more uniform hedge with less maintenance.

Additionally, TRIMMIT offers:
• Reduction in required labour
• Less green waste for disposal
• Less HSE requirements, eg. traffic control, ladders, trimmers
• Improved drought tolerance
• Deeper, greener colour
• Economical application rates

• Apply TRIMMIT as a root drench for consistent uptake
• Apply the required amount of TRIMMIT in 1 L of water per plant
• Use on plants when they are close to their optimum size i.e. once the desired shape, height, width and foliar density has been achieved
• Use the lower rate when applying for the first time. If increased regulation is required, step up to the higher rate in the second year
• Rates start at 0.5 mL/plant to 2.5 mL/plant

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