2.5L Enviromax Azoxystrobin 250SC (250g/L azoxystrobin)

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Target Species
Azoxystrobin is widely used in turf and farming, providing control of various diseases of Turf, Grapes, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cucurbits, Avocados, Mangoes, Passionfruit, and Poppies.

Product Profile
EnviroMax® Suspension Concentrate technology has been utilised to formulate this outstanding 250 g/L Azoxystrobin SC formulation. This formulation possesses the broadest spectrum of activity of all presently known antifungals.The active ingredient, Azoxystrobin, belongs to a class of fungicides named Strobilurins, which act by inhibiting mitochondrial respiration in fungi, stopping their energy supply.
Development of Azoxystrobin was inspired by a species of forest-dwelling mushroom, which produces its own natural fungicide. Azoxystrobin is the world’s No1 fungicide, and EnviroMax® Azoxystrobin, through its broadspectrum activity, delivers consistent protection and quality benefits in a broad array of crops, turf and ornamentals.

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