20kg Greens Grade 1-2mm Mini Prill - Champion Mineral Turf & Lawn fertiliser


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CHAMPION Sustained Release Mineral Fertiliser (ORGANIC based) is designed to provide an initial charge for the turf then provide sustained nutrition consistently for up to 3 months.

It is balanced for root growth initially, then leaf/shoot growth and greening, then finally, flowering over a wide range of plants, incl. Turf, Grasses and Natives. CHAMPION mineral fertiliser is very efficient as it contain VolcaMin Zeolite to reduce leaching by capturing free nutrients and storing them for release to plant demand.

It is specially designed as an excellent base for greening turf, via its unique Sustained Release mechanism, being ideal for all species of Turf grass, particularly suited to fairways and tees and lawns.


  • CHAMPION mineral fertiliser is a revolutionary premium fertiliser that contains Volcamin Zeolite, (a SUPER-SPONGE) natures molecular sieve, and Zeolite’s negative molecular attraction holds the positive ions of NH4 Ammonium nitrogen. Like iron fillings to a magnet.
  • This means there is greatly reduced leaching, (nutrient loss) & runoff into waterways and therefore Zeolite prolongs the life of the Nitrogen.
  • Zeolite reduces nitrogen losses through evaporation, volatilization and loss through microbe consumption. In essence the Zeolite acts as a Safety Net. This is NASA Technology!…..on NASA’s website they develop Zeolite in outer space to reduce pollution and to reduce costs….
  • With the addition of Zeolite the Phosphate undergoes a Chemical reaction, bonding Calcium, and releasing Phosphorus more readily than previously encountered.  This is where our product is UNIQUE, the positive (+) charged cations of Calcium, Potassium, magnesium etc are held by the strongly negatively (-) charged Zeolite and a Sustained Release results and a lot less leaching of valuable nutrients into the environment occurs and that makes CHAMPION mineral fertiliser is more cost effective and safer for our rivers and reefs.
  • In CHAMPION mineral fertiliser, all potassium is in the Natural ‘Potassium Sulphate’ form, a Chlorine free product, e.g. with a lowest SALT index. High levels of potassium are important to create strong plants that are less prone to stress, heat cold, & drought and make for a better DISEASE resistant plant.  Potassium helps to create a more marketable/presentable product. Potassium is the other macro nutrient that zeolite has a strong affinity for/to and will hold against leaching but release to plant demand via grass root uptake.
  • CHAMPION mineral fertiliser, via the Zeolite, has naturally loaded calcium and magnesium and exchanges calcium for ammonium and potassium. Calcium is important for cell division and the structure of cell walls. With naturally high available Silica, our Zeolite makes turf-grass TOUGHER!!
  • CHAMPION mineral fertiliser contains high levels of Plant Available Magnesium. Availability does not depend on a favourable pH. Mg is an essential constituent of Chlorophyll & no other plant nutrient can substitute it. High levels of Mg are important in the formation of sugars, proteins, oils and fats.
  • Zeolite also buffers pH problems and holds water to help retain mositure.
  • CHAMPION mineral fertiliser is an alkaline based fertiliser ideal for an acid world.

Crop Type

Application Rate / m2


Turf & Lawn                               

20-40 grams / m2 (2-4kg/100m2)
200-400 Kg / Ha


Typical Analysis:


Nitrogen Total


Phosphorus Total         


Potassium Total (as potassium sulphate)


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