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Quali-Pro Foursome™ is a unique, concentrated copper phthalocaynine green turf pigment, specifically designed to enhance and extend the aesthetic appearance of golf course and sports field turf following application. 

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Phthalocyanine based pigment Superior weatherfastness and resistance to fading from UV exposure. Not a paint that impacts on the plants ability to carry out photosynthesis and doesn't block the stomata unlike some other products
Effective for use as a long lasting spray indicator More than just a spray marker. Provides turf enhancement properties as well
Colour enhancement in cooler growing months It may also improve spring green up and establishment
Plant improvement in summer growing months Act as a sunscreen for plants, by blocking out harmful UV 
Designed for use on all turfgrass species in a wide range of climates and different turfgrass management intensity levels Versatile, easy to use, applicable to any turf management situation
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