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Scotts take lawn seriously, that’s why the Scotts Lawn Builder range is one of the top selling brands in Australia. This range of slow release lawn care fertilizer has everything you need to build and maintain a beautiful lawn, not just in spring, but all year round. 

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 Scotts Lawn Builder™ + Wetting Agent is a slow release granular lawn fertiliser with added professional grade wetting agent that helps water penetrate the soil and be absorbed, and also enhances fertiliser uptake.

Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent has an NPK of 21.6 : 1.1 : 4.1 and contains 4.2% iron & 0.92% sulphur
Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent also helps prevent water-logging.

 Scotts Lawn Builder™ + Grub & Insect Control is a granular lawn fertiliser with added insecticide. It feeds the lawn while exterminating a range of common lawn pests.

Use against:

  • lawn armyworm
  • sod webworm
  • argentine stem weevil
  • cutworm
  • billbug
  • black ant
  • coastal brown ant
  • funnel ant
  • meat ant
  • sugar ant
  • stinging ant

This fertiliser has an NPK of 28 : 1.3 : 6.6. It also contains 8.8% sulphur.
14g per m2

 Scotts Lawn Builder™ + Weedkill is a slow release granular lawn fertiliser with an added selective herbicide.

It feeds the lawn while exterminating a range of common lawn weeds.

Use Against:

  • bindii
  • dandelion
  • plantain
  • creeping oxalis
  • clover
  • catsear
  • chickweed
  • capeweed
  • wireweed
  • and other broadleaf lawn weeds

Lawn Builder + Weedkill has an NPK of 21 : 1 : 16
Feeds and weeds at the same time
Do not use again for at least 10 weeks

Do not use Lawn Builder + Weedkill on buffalo grass including the fine leaf forms such as 'Sir Walter', 'Palmetto', 'Shademaster' and 'St Augustine'.
Read ALL the safety precautions on the pack and follow them closely.
Do not apply when the temperature is expected to exceed 30 degrees.

Lawn Builder All Purpose is Australia's most popular lawn fertiliser has an excellent reputation with home gardeners and professional turf managers alike. The 'set and forget' solution to having a great lawn all year round, it will green your lawn up within a week of watering after application.

Main product features:
Feeds for up to 3 months
Thicker lawn
Child and pet friendly
No scorch formula

Rate: 14 grams per square metre
NPK: 32-0-8


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