5 Litre PowerFEED 14:1.4:9 with Fish & Humic


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PowerFeed is a fortified fish fertiliser, that is blended with liquid humus to produce a highly efficient complementary liquid feed with dual action benefits for plant growth and soil condition. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains essential nutrients and soil conditioners
  • Promotes vigorous growth and enhances colour
  • Stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity
  • Increases plant nutrient uptake and reduces leaching

Typical Analysis:
W/V: Nitrogen (N) 14.0%. Phosphorus (P) 1.4%. Potassium (K) 8.0%

PowerFeed is an all-purpose plant fertiliser that also supports the growth and activity of biological communities in the soil. It provides both immediate and extended nutrient availability, together with ongoing benefits for improved soil structure and biological activity.


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