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Get the best of both worlds with turfmate’s All Season Kikuyu Blend; a winning combination of turf kikuyu with the benefits of a companion grass.

Our dual action blend provides your lawn with the fast establishing properties of ryegrass, as well as the long-term strength and drought-tolerance of Kikuyu. The ryegrass component can be selectively sprayed out, leaving a mono stand of Kikuyu turf, and when the warmer months roll around, the Kikuyu will dominate the ryegrass.

Our All Season Kikuyu Blend also contains 10% turf fertiliser for rapid establishment.

Ryegrass - 90%
Kikuyu - 10%
Sown at 3-4kg per 100m2

turfmate’s signature range of Premium Lawn Seed has been designed to suit most Australian climates. Each blend is developed at a professional standard, and can meet all requirements from a home lawn to a busy sportsfield.

Our Premium Lawn Seed is beneficial to drought affected areas, nature strips with high foot traffic and also for soil erosion control. Each high quality mix has a minimum 85% germination rate, so you can rest assured you’re receiving only the best quality with turfmate.

When looking for a premium blend to suit your needs, turfmate truly is Your Best Friend for all things Turf.

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