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Bactivate Sequest acts as a soil ‘decompacter’.

It reduces sodium at the rhizosphere & provides an essential source of nitrogen & calcium to improve soil structures that are dispersive and sodic.

Bactivate Sequest is a liquid source of calcium, nitrogen and fulvic acid that assists in flocculating the soil and reducing surface crusting.

Oxygen and water penetration into the soil profile are essential for beneficial aerobic microorganisms and optimum soil health; the highly soluble calcium within Bactivate Sequest creates the flocculation effect which generates more macro pores, improving soil aeration and water infiltation.

Bactivate Sequest can be used to break up the soil crust that may form after heavy rainfall, minimising the potential for damage to the germinating plant.
In addition, Bactivate Sequest has the ability to displace sodium and buffer sodium damage in the soil, thereby creating a healthy soil and protecting the plant from excess sodium uptake.

The benefits of Bactivate Sequest include:
• flocculation of the soil which increases water infiltration and aeration of the soil,
• enhanced root growth due to improved aeration of the soil,
• sodium leaching; promoting the displacement of salts like Sodium (Na+),
• improved microbial activity promoting mineralisation of calcium
• improved plant nutrition (from calcium) promoting root growth and strengthened plant cell walls

Also sold in 200L drums and 1000L IBCs. Please contact for pricing

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