BioNutrients Soluble Dry Concentrate (8-0-9)

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BioNutrients Soluble Dry Concentrate (8-0-9)

BioNutrients is a unique, dry, 100% soluble blend of humic acid, natural wetting agent, kelp, natural L-amino acids and our exclusive combination of beneficial soil bacteria along with fortified natural carriers that add rich organic material to soils. It has the added advantage of containing a natural biostiumulant to promote strong rooting. BioNutrients can be used on all fairway grasses, sports turf, lawn care, tree and ornamental applications.

The BioNutrients formulation is designed to improve soil quality by adding rich organic nutrients that are often depleted in old and over worked soils. A powerful natural wetting agent insures deep penetration into even the most difficult and compacted soils. Once in the rhizosphere, a combination of L-amino acids, kelp and natural soil bacteria colonize and revitalize the soil with active communities of living soil microbes.

It puts billions of advantageous bacteria in the soil - this improves health, increases root length, neutralizes soil salts, improves color, and makes turf and ornamentals better able to withstand various environmental and disease stresses. 

The humic acid and plant extracts are rich in carbon which becomes a food and energy source for the soil bacteria colonies.

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