Cal Tec 9% Ca Glucoheptonate Fertiliser (6-0-0) 10 Litre

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Cal Tec 9% Ca Glucoheptonate Fertiliser – 10 Litre

  • For turf, nursery & greenhouse
  • Corrects calcium deficiency
  • Helps reduce soil compaction
  • For stress tolerance & turgidity
  • Unique sugar-acid chelate
  • Critical regulator of plant growth

Cal-Tec Calcium Glucoheptonate 9% is a unique sugar-acid chelate that forms a 100% soluble calcium/nitrogen. This provides immediate plant uptake to correct deficiencies through both the leaves and root tissue.

Calcium is known to be essential for plant membrane integrity, proper cell division and overall plant vigour and stiffness. It is important in cell wall bonding and promotes enzyme activation for starch conversion.

Cal-Tec 9% can be used during hot weather to reduce stress during times of high transpiration.

Calcium is also important to improve soil structure, reduce salt build-up and soil compaction from road salts and urban stress.
Calcium is often used to improve the cation exchange capacity of the soil, raise the pH of the soil and help reduce the build-up of toxic salts.

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