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CropBioLife's power comes from its unique blend of activated flavonoids.

The cycle of carbon removed from the air and deposited in the soil is the building block of regenerative agriculture. CropBioLife's unique approach of simultaneously working to improve plant functions above and below the ground positions it as a breakthrough in soil regeneration.

The flavonoids in CropBioLife work by improving the plant's metabolism.

This triggers an energy boost that enables efficiency in two very important plant functions. Photosynthesis and Root Exudation.

+ Founded in 2009.

+ Australian Made and Owned

+ Utilised in over 20 countries.

+ Used on over 10,000 farms.

+ Recognised by the United Nations for Innovation

in Sustainable Land Management.

+ Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

The beginning of plant health starts with photosynthesis. By enabling efficient photosynthesis, we can observe a more significant carbon dioxide intake, promoting exponential energy production. The additional energy in the form of carbohydrates enables the plant to increase root exudation, which nurtures the microbial biology in the soil enabling the plant to cultivate the microbes that provide the nutrients key to the plant's survival.

The outcome of a strong symbiotic relationship is improved overall soil health which builds resilience in the crop and in the soil against extremes of biotic and abiotic stress.

Application rates:

150-550ml per Ha or 200ml per 100L water depending on crop type

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