Manganese Chelate 5% 10 Litre

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Growth Products Manganese Chelate 5%  – 10 Litre

Glucoheptonate chelate with 2% sulphur

  • Assists in enzyme formation
  • For turf and ornamentals
  • For foliar and root applications
  • For correction of deficiencies
  • Chelated to increase mobility throughout the plant

Manganese Chelate 5% is an organic chelate, which keeps the manganese in soluble form for plant uptake. This chelate is ideal for both soil and foliar uptake since this chelate is absorbed through a foliar spray. Manganese Chelate 5% is made from organic sugars that are easily absorbed intact along with the chelated metal. Mn is available for microbial activity in the soil.

The pH of Manganese Chelate 5% is 7.5, making it ideal for mixing with pH acid-sensitive products. It is not affected by soil conditions, other nutrients or technical grade materials. Manganese Chelate 5% will remain in a soluble form for plant uptake since it remains as a negative charge ion and is not attracted to negatively charged soil particles. Manganese Chelate 5% is compatible with all Growth Products professional fertilizers and can be combined in all tank-mix solutions for spoon-feeding. Be sure to read mixing instructions and do a jar test before use. University studies indicate that Glucoheplonates are ideal for foliar applications and are more efficient than EDTA chelates in high pH soils.

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