Mower Mate Grinding Paste

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Grit: Fine 220 Grit
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MowerMate is the newest most advanced back lapping paste on the market.

Premixed to save time and money it also ensures consistent results time after time. Formulated from quality silicon carbide abrasive its non toxic and also environmentally friendly.

We have designed MowerMate to get your mower back sharp and cutting as quickly as possible. MowerMate really will be your mowers best friend!


  • Non toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Simply washes off with water
  • Keeps your mower sharp for longer
  • Consistent grit in every tub gives you the perfect finish every time

Application of MowerMate:
Adjust the cutting blades to be within 1mm of each other and apply a coating of MowerMate with a brush.

Available in Fine Medium and Coarse choose your grit in the options tab.

Fine - 220 Grit

Medium - 120 Grit
Coarse - 80 Grit

Size Options: 1kg, 3.5kg and 13kg.

Click here for our Safety Data Sheet


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